dedicated to our many industrial partners

With our unique expertise in gas, dust and fume filtration, we work on behalf of many industries. We produce ourselves tailor-made filter sleeves, filter bags, pocket filters, frame filters, and much more !

Trust and loyalty time-tested

Our solutions of dry filtration are popular by all type of industries :

  • Chemical industries ;
  • Pharmaceutical industries ;
  • Cement industries ;
  • Asphalt Plants ;
  • Steel industries and steel treatments ;
  • Incineration ;
  • Glass production ;
  • Mines.

According to your requested, we produce tailor-made :

  • Filter sleeves ;
  • Filter Pockets ;
  • Pocket Filters ;
  • Brackets and cages ;
  • Filtering Media ;
  • Frame Filters ;
  • Compact Filters ;
  • Pleated Panel Filters ;
  • Absolute Filters ;
  • Filter Cartridges ;
  • etc.

Discover also our solutions in the fields of covers, tarpaulins and specific confections

We realize also several kind of tarpaulins and other cover solutions. This includes for example PVC Tarpaulin with or without the logo of your company, tailor-made protective cover or specific products resistant to high-temperature.


Should you need more information about our creation of filtration products or professional felts ? Feel free to call us! We stay at your disposal by phone or via the contact form on this site.